Nice'n Easy | 1920 Tyler Street

Nice’n Easy Mural

Nice'n Easy is a collaborative endeavor by artists Allison Matherly and Jeffrey Noble. Their work at this time is focused on creating immersive installations, often employing cinematic elements such as light and sound, along with video, murals, sculpture, and painting.

Their fabricated environments seek to "set a mood," evocative of or mimicking states of being, preceding or following extreme emotional states. Often referencing themes of self-help and recovery, Matherly and Noble utilize romantic tropes of beauty, love, sex and interpersonal dependency to create an auratic, sublime environment that aims to tap into the fundamental hopes and fears of the viewer. By creating a platform that draws each participant through their own subjective experience, Matherly and Noble aim to enhance the collective emotive truisms shared by participants once freed from their personal narrative.

"Drool Pool," their mural for DHMP is a bird's-eye view of a swimming pool from above in the art-deco colors of turquoise and pink.


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