Green Initiatives

The Hollywood CRA encourages eco-friendly living through a variety of green initiatives:

  • The Hollywood Trolley program is providing clean green transportation throughout the beach and downtown for visitors and residents alike.
  • The CRA Property Improvement Program (PIP) and the Hotel Improvement Program (HIP) grants provide incentives for green property improvements within the CRA districts.
  • Hollywood Beach's eco-friendly Mobi-Mat ADA Access program is the first in the state to receive approval from the Department of Environmental Protection. The flexible mats provide environmentally responsible wheelchair access to Hollywood's beaches, while allowing for quick and easy removal in anticipation of a storm.
  • The Hollywood CRA districts feature distinctive recycling containers that encourage visitors and residents to help keep Hollywood clean and green.
  • Get around on two wheels with the help of dedicated bike paths and ample amounts of bike racks in both CRA districts.