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Logan Hicks | 113 S. 20th Avenue

Logan Hicks is a New York-based stencil artist whose work explores the dynamics of the urban environment. Originally a screen printer, Logan’s work has gained notoriety due to his ability to create photo realistic murals with intricately layered hand-sprayed stencils. Stenciling started as a substitution for screen printing, but quickly morphed into Logan’s medium of choice. 

The mural that he painted for DHMP is from his “water girls” series. With this series he takes photos of women floating and sinking under the water’s surface, surrounded by a lush patterned landscape. “The water girls series represents freedom. The feeling of letting go... of drifting, unhindered, free, and by any external forces. The water girls murals strive to depict peace and tranquility, and the ability of a person to become ‘centered’.” says Hicks. 


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