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Molly Rose Freeman | 117 S. 21st Avenue
Molly Rose Freeman

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Molly Rose Freeman uses pattern as a lens to explore the dynamic framework of interconnectivity. With a basis of freehand drawing, she builds diverse compositions using triangular forms. In expressing mathematical functions with the crooked, imperfect lines her hand makes, Freeman finds resonance with the expression of geometry in the crooked imperfection of nature. By using the structure of the triangle—the most basic shape in visual language—she explores the rhythms and relationships that exist from the microscopic scale to the galactic.

Freeman studies patterns both manmade—Ottoman mosaics, French Gothic cathedrals, illuminated manuscripts—and natural—wind maps, cell structures, migration patterns, astronomical charts. The effects of visual patterns on the human brain holds a special fascination for her. This has been studied in psychology using techniques like hypnosis and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming, and it has been used to create feelings of heightened spirituality in sacred objects and spaces throughout the world. The contemplative, emotionally-charged atmospheres invoked by the ubiquitous patterns of sacred architecture, in particular, sparked her desire to paint large-scale murals. Freeman is interested in how the principles of geometry and repetition can be used to create similar spaces of heightened consciousness within the urban landscape.

Freeman has worked on projects with organizations including The Creatives Project, Living Walls: The City Speaks, Fountain Art Fair, the City of Charleston, the Atlanta Beltline, the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Emory University, Core Reaction, Cabbagetown Wallkeepers, the Asheville Mural Project, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, and others.


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