Jen Little | 1626 Harrison Street

Jen Little mural

Jen Little returns to fine art after a long and successful career in graphic design. She received her Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design from Monmouth University in New Jersey. A South Florida resident since 2001 and married mother of two, Jen  is finding her way in the art world.

In her small home studio, she works in acrylic, encaustic, and multimedia with work inspired by her deep connection to nature. Imaginary landscapes & abstract organics are created with defined shapes & color harmonies - fresh & full of life - are always executed with a clean, contemporary aesthetic.

Making her debut this year (2022) to the South Florida art scene, Jen has had the privilege to take part in the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project at two locations; the sidewalk mural at Anniversary Park, and the wall at the Art & Cultural Center's Art School - both being very well received. She has also had three acrylic canvas pieces accepted into the Studio 18 in the Pines 17th Annual Art Competition.

Jen is looking forward to continuing opportunities in mural, canvas, or otherwise where her work can allow viewers to take a moment to see with child-like wonder & rekindle their innate spiritual connection with nature. Nature gives us a place to find peace, to be grounded, and to recharge the soul.


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