Key Detail | 1948 Harrison Street

Key Detail Mural

Key Detail is a Belarusian artist who works with painting, drawing and illustrations. He studied Architecture in Minsk, Belarus and currently lives and works in New York City.

Growing up in Minsk, Key Detail has been active on the street art scene since 2000, and has worked consistently towards developing his unique style and his skills on the streets. Today, Key Detail is one of the best Belarusian artists who began his art career with street art and successfully continuing it as internationally known mural artist. His art is a balanced concentration of emotional reflections on reality transformed by the prism of surreal interpretation. Every one of his characters has charisma and outstanding personality, and lives in its own environment rich with elaborate details.

Key Detail focuses on creating huge outdoor murals and canvases and keeps working on his style. His artistic map features murals and exhibitions all over the world. Key Detail's artworks have been featured in a number of international magazines and books. _____________________________________________________________________

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