Tatiana Suarez | 2020 Harrison Street


Watch the video to see the creation of this mural.


Tatiana Suarez's contribution to the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project marks the Miami-native's return from New York to her studio space in South Florida, on the heels of her release of custom-designed Cool J's for Reebok. "Street art and art accessible in public spaces have the power to bring unique beauty and culture to a community," said Suarez. "I believe it offers a sense of awakening to people that might not be familiar with the art-making process, and creates an opening to gain insight into the artist, as well as the idea and message behind their work."

Suarez portrays dreamlike interpretations of human qualities in her figurative paintings, often ornamented with icons such as plants and tropical insects from her Brazilian and El Salvadorian roots. She mixes rich colors to depict beings with soft features, made exceptional with wide glistening eyes and exaggerated features. Subjects appear as if they are under water, frozen in stillness. At once innocent and eerie, these doe-eyed figures exude sexual overtones: beauty is presented with the exotic to create fantastical narratives.


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