ADA Access Program


On February 17, 2010, the Department of Environmental Protection – Bureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems (DEP) extended a permit authorizing the first State-approved installation of "Mobi-Mat RecPath" ADA access mats in Florida for a pilot project to allow the agency the opportunity to gather data on the environmental impact of this new technology.

Four mats were permitted to be located at Tyler Street, New York Street, Johnson Street and Connecticut Street, under strict maintenance conditions. Under the conditions of the extended permit, the City of Hollywood was again required to provide an assessment of the project at the end of the permit duration, with the understanding that options for closing the CCCL permit may be considered at that time.

The assessment materials included documentation of installation, storms, or other significant events; documentation of interactions or effects on nesting sea turtles or hatchlings; and documentation of the mats' effectiveness as an ADA access tool.

During the 2010 turtle season, no wildlife interactions were reported by the Broward County Conservation Fund's licensed sea turtle monitors. As the first permit holder in the state, Hollywood continued to set the precedent for municipalities in Florida.