Susana Vergara | 425 S. 21st Avenue

Susana Vergara mural

Susana Vergara, a talented artist, and former athlete hailing from the lively city of Cali, Colombia, has led a remarkable life defined by her unwavering commitment to art and sports. Her creative path led her to become a celebrated tattoo artist and illustrator, known for her unique style and keen attention to detail, alongside a passion for painting. Simultaneously, Susana excelled in sports, representing Colombia on the fencing team from 2000 to 2015, securing both national and international accolades. Beyond her artistry, she has contributed to her community by adorning the streets of Hollywood with her captivating mural and sidewalk mural, enriching the city's cultural landscape. Susana Vergara's inspiring journey from Colombia to her artistic and athletic achievements continues to inspire others to embrace their creative passions and excel in their chosen pursuits.


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