Brian Butler & Daniel Fila | 203 S. 21st Avenue

mural by B Butler and D Fila

Brian Butler is a Miami-based illustrator, muralist, and designer. Prior to moving to South Florida, he studied at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and toured colleges across the country with Microsoft and Cut & Paste, a global design tournament. When he began his career as a designer, he simultaneously launched a successful profession as a muralist and illustrator.

Daniel Fila, also known as Krave, is a multifaceted artist whose work ranges from mural installations to sculptural reliefs, and paintings using a wide range of mediums, and techniques. He creates functional illustrations with various aesthetics. A full time Artist for nearly twenty years, he is best known for his character, El Mono Fresco, which he incorporates into most of his work, and "The Wynwood Silos". Developers, and Hotel owners have commissioned him fill entire buildings with original canvases, framed limited editions prints, art installations, and urban murals.


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